Happy New Year 2017

The New Year always brings about hope and excitement to see what will come in the next 12 months.

For me as a child, the New Year always brought about the anticipation of summer which was around the corner! My dad had to request time off in advance and always planned a 2 week vacation for our family of 8. My favorite memories revolved around our trips to Surfside Beach,TX.

Dad always rented a large house on stilts. We needed a large one! We got 3-4 bedrooms. The 3 girls always shared a room. We didn’t mind and were used to it. Plus, I loved sleeping on the top bunk! My older sister was afraid of heights so she gladly gave it up!

Our days were spent swimming, shelling, fishing, eating seafood and just being outside. I could swim for hours. My brothers taught me to fish, and loved to torture me with the live bait before hooking it. Gross. I could collect shells for miles. I was famous for getting the olive and clam shells that still had a critter in them, and they would stink up the car on the way home. Oops.

We all hated to leave when the two weeks were up, but we had loads of memories and mementos to take home with us.

Going to Surfside Beach those summers so long ago meant relaxing, family time and fun. We could all let our hair down and soak up the sun.

Not much has changed in Surfside Beach. It’s still a haven for families to slow down and have a great time. I frequent the island now as an adult because I just love it so much.

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