Adopt A Beach Special!!

We have something extra special for those visitors to Surfside who are coming to do the big Texas clean up-Adopt A Beach on Sept. 23rd. Rent one of our gorgeous houses and get the second night 50% off!! Mention Adopt A Beach when renting! (weekend of Sept 22-24)
(Must be booked for Sept 22-24th only. Offers expires Sept, 24, 2017)
Sharon 713-204-8054

Texas Adopt A Beach Cleanup

Attention All teachers and corporations!!! We are looking for student and employee volunteers to help with the Texas Adopt A Beach Cleanup next month in Surfside Beach TX! This is great for community volunteer work for both schools and companies.
Texas Adopt A Beach Sat. Sept. 23rd at 9am Surfside TX
We start at 9am and continue until noon.
We will meet at Stahlman Park 2211 Bluewater Hwy. Surfside. 77541
Save our Beach Association will be feeding volunteers after the cleanup.
Hope to see you there!

Dear Surfside Visitors

There is a hidden coastal vacation spot in Texas that is so close to Houston and a favorite to those who know about it. It’s called Surfside Beach Texas. Surfside is a short 1 hour drive on 288 South just past Lake Jackson. It’s a small island with only about 500 full-time residents in their pastel colored houses on stilts.
It’s a quiet village, but offers a lot for vacationing families.
Surfing is the most popular activity, hence the town’s name. But, that’s not all!
Besides swimming in the ocean, there are places to rent jet skis and kayaks and lots of deep sea fishing going on. Families love to fish off the jetty, or you can even go crabbing off a special pier. Dolphin watching off that same jetty or even from the beach is always a favorite to visitors.

The bird-watcher will not get bored. There are plenty of native Texas Coast birds to enjoy including the pink Roseate Spoonbill.

Driving is allowed on part of Surfside Beach which makes setting up for your fun day very convenient. A couple of businesses even rent out golf carts and there’s nothing more fun than cruising down the beach sightseeing!
Something unique among Texas beaches is the ability to build small campfires in the sand. This is a fun way for families to have an evening of cooking out on the beach.
There are about a dozen restaurants in Surfside. They offer fresh seafood, steaks, and even more casual fare. Several of the restaurants are oceanfront with breathtaking views.
The Village has a couple of hotels and it’s popular to rent a vacation home from the several rental places that offer accommodations for every size family.
For the history buff, the town is also historical. The city is rebuilding Fort Velasco which is where the Texas Revolution began.
If you’re looking for a quick getaway or a longer family vacation, Surfside Beach Texas is definitely the place to go. Some find the off season in the Village even more enjoyable because it’s still warm, rates are reduced, and there are smaller crowds.
The city offers lots of events and fun activities throughout the entire year.
Check out the city calendar at

Dolphin Spotting in Surfside

It’s that time of year again and we are so excited. It’s dolphin season! Dolphins are seen in Surfside predominately in the Spring and Summer months because they prefer warm water. The Gulf will usually get warm around April or May.

The most common type of dolphin in the Gulf is the Bottlenose. (In the Gulf, we do not have porpoises.) Most live in large groups called schools or pods, which allow them to be more efficient hunters and more effective in avoiding predators. Females are usually smaller than males. Dolphins are known to display altruistic behavior. This means they will help another individual or even a member of another species without gaining any benefits themselves.

There are many regular spots on the island to see these beautiful mammals. The most common time to see them is when the seas are calm.
The best and easiest dolphin viewing is from your Coastal Sisters beach rental house! Grab that glass of wine, put your feet up and enjoy.
You can also see them playing and swimming off the Jetty and to the sides of the Jetty. Another great spot is anywhere off the Intercoastal Waterway. But my favorite, most consistent dolphin-spotting-spot is just off the Coast Guard station.

Marine Mammal Quick Facts
• All dolphins are whales, but not all whales are dolphins.
• Pygmy and dwarf sperm whales secrete an inklike substance, like squid, when avoiding predators.
• There are no porpoise species in the Gulf of Mexico.
• The largest population of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins lives in the Gulf of Mexico.
• When first spotted by early explorers, manatees were believed to be mermaids.
• The closest living relatives of manatees and dugongs are elephants.
• Most baleen whales have two blowholes.
• Florida manatees have nails on their flippers