Dolphin Spotting in Surfside

It’s that time of year again and we are so excited. It’s dolphin season! Dolphins are seen in Surfside predominately in the Spring and Summer months because they prefer warm water. The Gulf will usually get warm around April or May.

The most common type of dolphin in the Gulf is the Bottlenose. (In the Gulf, we do not have porpoises.) Most live in large groups called schools or pods, which allow them to be more efficient hunters and more effective in avoiding predators. Females are usually smaller than males. Dolphins are known to display altruistic behavior. This means they will help another individual or even a member of another species without gaining any benefits themselves.

There are many regular spots on the island to see these beautiful mammals. The most common time to see them is when the seas are calm.
The best and easiest dolphin viewing is from your Coastal Sisters beach rental house! Grab that glass of wine, put your feet up and enjoy.
You can also see them playing and swimming off the Jetty and to the sides of the Jetty. Another great spot is anywhere off the Intercoastal Waterway. But my favorite, most consistent dolphin-spotting-spot is just off the Coast Guard station.

Marine Mammal Quick Facts
• All dolphins are whales, but not all whales are dolphins.
• Pygmy and dwarf sperm whales secrete an inklike substance, like squid, when avoiding predators.
• There are no porpoise species in the Gulf of Mexico.
• The largest population of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins lives in the Gulf of Mexico.
• When first spotted by early explorers, manatees were believed to be mermaids.
• The closest living relatives of manatees and dugongs are elephants.
• Most baleen whales have two blowholes.
• Florida manatees have nails on their flippers

June 2017 Great Texas 300 Race!

We have some special events that happen in Surfside and this one is no exception! There’s nothing like seeing hundreds of sail boats float by our homes. The sailors travel from Padre to Galveston with a stop over in Surfside! So, whether you are watching from your deck, or waiting down on the free beach for their stop, show your support and cheer them on. This event happens every year in June and we have all the details from their website below:

Notice of Race

The Great Texas Catamaran Race

A Catamaran Race AS BIG AS TEXAS!

Hosted by the Great Texas Fleet

South Padre Island to Galveston, Texas

Wednesday, June 14 to Saturday, June 17, 2017

Description: The Great Texas Catamaran Race is an offshore beach catamaran race along the

Texas Coast. Starting in South Padre Island and finishing in Galveston, the race will cover

approximately 300 miles along the Texas coast over the Father’s Day weekend. The race will be

conducted in four stages with each stage starting and ending on the beach!

Race Schedule: Tuesday June 13, South Padre Island

• 12:00pm Boat Inspections, 7:00pm Opening ceremony, rules review, weigh-in, and

starting position draw

Wednesday June 14, South Padre Island to Mustang Island (91 nm)

• 9:00am Skippers Meeting, 9:50 am White Flag

– ETA approximately 6 pm

Thursday June 15, Mustang Island to Matagorda Island (91 nm)

• 9:00am Skippers Meeting, 9:50 am White Flag

– ETA approximately 6 pm

Friday June 16, Matagorda Island to Surfside Beach (50 nm)

• 9:00am Skippers Meeting, 9:50 am White Flag

– ETA approximately 3:30 pm

Saturday June 17, Surfside Beach to Galveston (40 nm)

• 8:00am Skippers Meeting, 9:50 am White Flag – ETA approximately 3 pm Awards at 7pm


We are very lucky on Surfside Beach to have not one, but two visits from HGTV’s Beach House Bargain Hunt! And one of the homes is our rental!

The show Beach House Bargain Hunt features a couple who are on the search for a coastal property. Their real estate agent shows them 3-4 homes, and then they decide which one best fits their needs and budget.
It’s such great publicity for the island, and shows what amazing things we offer here.

If you’ve been dreaming of that beach house but maybe you can’t quite afford to purchase it just yet, you can still afford to rent one of our Charming Rentals! We have price ranges for all vacation needs and budgets.

To tune into the first aired episode filmed on the island, go online to and look for Season 15 Episode 12. Stayed tuned for the next aired show.
In the meantime, give us a call at Coastal Sisters and come see what all the fuss is about!

Wedding Season

Love is in the air! We are so excited here at CS about all the wedding calls coming in!
It is that time of year when brides are planning their special day on our beautiful Surfside Beach.

We have the ultimate backdrop for your glorious day. And at Coastal Sisters, we have the perfect home or homes for the wedding party, and family members. It’s stressful enough to plan a wedding, let us take the work of accommodations off your plate. We will handle all of those details.

We can arrange it so the whole family is close and comfortable. You’ll have full kitchens, separate bedrooms and even a large deck to enjoy. Some of our homes even have pools! You could also use the house for the reception. How convenient is that?

Tell us your wish list for your special day, and leave the rest to us!
Sharon 713-204-8054

May Events in Surfside

We have a lot going on the weekend of May 6th.

Election Day-It is our election for City Council members. If you live in Surfside, get out and vote! Every single one counts on such a small island.

Surfside Volunteer Fire Department BBQ and silent auction.- 11am-2pm. We love our volunteer fire department and will do anything to help them. All proceeds go to help fund the fire department and their needed equipment. Donations for the silent auction are needed and you can call Brenda at
979-824-6833 to contribute!

Old Guys Surf Reunion-a gathering of “seasoned” Surfside Surfers reunite to honor the past, former surfers who have passed and tribute them with surfboards on the beach and flowers tossed into the water. Then they picnic together at Stahlman Park and share stories of the past.

Memorial Day Weekend-one of our biggest and popular 3 day holidays on the island! It is recommended if possible that you come in Friday evening with all the groceries you need, and not leave again until Sunday or Monday. We have seen the causeway close because of traffic!