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Adopt A Beach This Saturday!

Attention All teachers and corporations!!!
We are looking for student and employee volunteers to help with the Texas Adopt A Beach Cleanup this Sat. in Surfside Beach TX! This is great for community volunteer work for both schools and companies. Students can get community service credit for school!
Texas Adopt A Beach this Sat. April at 9am Surfside TX
We start at 9am and continue until noon.
We will meet at Stahlman Park 2211 Bluewater Hwy. Surfside. 77541
Save our Beach Association will be feeding volunteers after the cleanup.
Hope to see you there!

Spring Break in Surfside



Spring break on our little island is all about family and relaxing. Many people come from far away to enjoy the quiet and laid back atmosphere of Surfside Beach. When you visit us during Spring Break, you won’t find the college crowds you may find in some of our Texas coastal towns. It’s a more unassuming and less busy island.


Now, that’s not to say we don’t have fun! There is still plenty to do. Besides the sunning, shelling, strolling on the beach or jetty, and swimming that most do, there are businesses on the beach that offer kayaking, jet skiing and paddle boarding. You can charter one of several fishing captains to take you out to deep sea fish, or just a nice cruise for the day.

You can bring your own poles and have fun shore fishing, or even crabbing. At night you can build a camp fire on the beach and have a family cookout.

It’s also a great place for the bird watching enthusiast.

Surfing is a huge past time here and enjoyed by many. It’s a easy place to learn since it’s not a rough surf. You can visit one of the shops to get the best advice.

If you have your own boat, you can easily put it in the water from our several free boat slips. Besides going out to deep waters, we have one of the prettiest bays leading from the Intercoastal waterway.

We have great local restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and pubs that can serve you a cold one. We have some souvenir shops as well!

If you get enough sun and want to venture out, you can drive 15 minutes North to Lake Jackson where they have more restaurants, downtown shopping, a mall and even a movie theater.

But, the most recommended activity when you come to the island is to spend a relaxing time with family catching up on rest and play.

Can’t wait to see you when you arrive.


Winter in Surfside Beach is my favorite.


Don’t get me wrong. I love hot, sunny days in Surfside in the Summer. The smell in the air, the warm Gulf water, the pelicans and seagulls everywhere, and everyone having fun swimming. But I really love Winter days on the beach. Everything seems crisper, a little more laid back, and that is when you can find the BEST SHELLS. Yes, I am a sheller from way back. I can’t sit and relax and read a book every time I go. I have a mission, and that mission is finding shells that I never seen before.


I’ve been on the hunt for seashells since I was very little. My mom got me into it. She loved finding the Texas Olive shells and making necklaces out of them. She had all of us kids “working” on that beach finding the biggest and the most we could. It was a contest to see who brought her the most. Those were great memories growing up.

Nowadays, I leave my husband in his chair reading, and I can be gone for hours searching! When my sisters come to visit, he won’t see us all day.

Just like a bird watcher, (which is also amazing to do in Surfside-we have a bird-watching trail)  I have a book in which I can identify each and every shell. So far, there’s only one I can’t find the name to match!

The very best time to find the biggest and best shells is right after a cold front or rain storm. They get washed up like crazy! We love to go out really early to start our search.

So, next time to come to Surfside Beach, and rent a house from Coastal Sisters, ask us the best places to find shells. It’s a secret we’ll only share with you!

Seashell GuideSand DollarGiant Whelk


Happy New Year 2017

The New Year always brings about hope and excitement to see what will come in the next 12 months.

For me as a child, the New Year always brought about the anticipation of summer which was around the corner! My dad had to request time off in advance and always planned a 2 week vacation for our family of 8. My favorite memories revolved around our trips to Surfside Beach,TX.

Dad always rented a large house on stilts. We needed a large one! We got 3-4 bedrooms. The 3 girls always shared a room. We didn’t mind and were used to it. Plus, I loved sleeping on the top bunk! My older sister was afraid of heights so she gladly gave it up!

Our days were spent swimming, shelling, fishing, eating seafood and just being outside. I could swim for hours. My brothers taught me to fish, and loved to torture me with the live bait before hooking it. Gross. I could collect shells for miles. I was famous for getting the olive and clam shells that still had a critter in them, and they would stink up the car on the way home. Oops.

We all hated to leave when the two weeks were up, but we had loads of memories and mementos to take home with us.

Going to Surfside Beach those summers so long ago meant relaxing, family time and fun. We could all let our hair down and soak up the sun.

Not much has changed in Surfside Beach. It’s still a haven for families to slow down and have a great time. I frequent the island now as an adult because I just love it so much.